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Kelt Grande Champagne Cognac VSOP Tour de Monde - 80 Proof (750ml - Full Bottle)

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$75.00     $67.99
Quantity Available:   2
Varietal Grande Champagne Cognac VSOP
Bottle Size 750
Classification Grande Champagne Cognac
Region France
Subregion Cognac
Bottle Condition Perfect

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Winery Notes
Winery Notes:
Traditionally, spirits merchants shipped their cognacs in oak barrels and it was discovered that the cognac developed significantly during a long sea voyage. With the age of branding cognac started to be bottled at source for practical reasons. This meant that the benefits of the sea voyage disappeared as cognac does not mature once it is bottled. We now revive that tradition by sending our Grande Champagne cognacs on a threemonth sea voyage. Routes sometimes vary but most frequently the cognacs are sent around the world - in French: Tour du Monde. This voyage brings out the unique balance of flavours and aromas and produces the unmistakeable roundness that is KELT Ocean Maturation - Tour du Monde. History does not relate the secret as to why the cognac develops in such a remarkable way during a long sea voyage. Some say it is the constant movement of the liquid, caused by the constant rolling of the sea, which brings out the hidden qualities in the cognac. Others claim that it is the temperature and pressure variations that persuade the lignin in the oak to part with its most delicate qualities. The theories are many but the verdict is unanimous on the result. The Tour du Monde – Ocean Maturation – renders our cognac a remarkable quality.
Winery Notes
Winery Notes:
Tasting • Dark golden yellow, amber • Delicate vanilla oak scent, touch of port wine • Dried rose and violet • Fruity and jamy: apricot and fig • Hazelnut and licorice • Grande Champagne style, very rare • Mellow, warm, well balanced, great structure • Long finish – at least 10 minutes on the palate • The rarest and oldest VSOP on the world market

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Region :
Though French wines are the highest valued wines in the world, esteemed wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne were only enjoyed locally until 150 years ago when transportation improvements made them widely available. French wine production is governed by a strict quality-control system, which regulates the grapes used in each region and classifies wineries according to an elaborate cru hierarchy. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc are just a few of the important grape varietals with roots in French soil. View all our items from France