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Danziger Vodka Gold Vodka with Gold Leaf Added - 80 Proof (750ml - Full Bottle)

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$79.99     $74.99
Quantity Available:   23
Varietal Vodka
Bottle Size 750
Region Ireland
Bottle Condition Perfect

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Winery Notes
Winery Notes:
Nice fresh, quite perky grain with some body and substance. Initial light elegance, rapidly opening up with good, light buttery, lower bass notes, a hint of savoury smokiness, balancing sweetness, while retaining control and freshness. Mellow, controlled with a further release of deep grainy notes and subtle sweetness.
Winery Notes
Winery Notes:
A legend in his own lifetime, in 1935 Harry Lee Danziger explored the Amazon at 21, was assistant conductor and first violinist with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at 25, a war hero, decorated with the Silver Star and Purple Heart, he later went on to produce over 65 movies with brother Edward. One-time owners of prestigious hotels including the Monte Carlo Metropole and London Mayfair, the world famous jewellers Cartier of Paris, and a gold mine, the Danzigers have a hundred other achievements to their credit.