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2000 Vivamus Tokaj Furmint (1/2 Liter Bottle)

Vimamus Tokaj Furmint is packaged in a beautiful bottle with a glass rose suspended in the middle.
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$80.00     $55.00
Quantity Available:   22
Vintage 2000
Varietal Tokaj
Bottle Size 500
Style Sweet
Region Hungary
Bottle Condition Perfect

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Additional Information

Region :
Winemaking has been part of Hungarian culture for centuries, but one wine is responsible for putting Hungarian wines on the map: Tokaji, or Tokay. A sweet botrytised wine made from the Furmint grape, Tokaji was the impetus for a royal decree creating the first appellation control, established in 1730. The historic Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region was divided between Hungary and Czechoslovakia in 1920, and disputes over use of the name Tokaji have ensued ever since. View all our items from Hungary