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1950 The Last Drop Cognac - 83.6 Proof (750ml - Full Bottle)

Only 478 Bottles Ever Made
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Vintage 1950
Varietal Cognac
Bottle Size 750
Classification Cognac
Region France
Subregion Cognac
Bottle Condition Perfect

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Winery Notes
Winery Notes:
We found these casks in a tiny distillery lost in the woods near Cognac. They lay where they had been put soon after the wine was distilled in an old-fashioned, wood-fired copper still. After sixty years, most had evaporated; but what remained was sublime. We obtained only some 478 bottles, which we offer for your delight. Like our whisky, this great cognac is bottled by hand and sealed with wax, then placed in its velvet-lined leather box. And you get a 50ml miniature, too, so you need not broach the big bottle in order to appreciate its delicate beauty. That way, the precious liquid will stay, unchanged, for hundreds of years if necessary, so that it can be savoured by your children, even their children’s children. During its long sleep in the cellars much has been given to this great cognac, and much taken away. The oak reacts with the spirit to yield rich vanilla flavours and a deep bronze colour. The air, slowly seeping through the oak, removes any harshness that there was to start with. Sadly, at the same time, the ‘angels’ take almost half the volume with them. But what remains is more than doubly precious.

Additional Information

Region :
Though French wines are the highest valued wines in the world, esteemed wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne were only enjoyed locally until 150 years ago when transportation improvements made them widely available. French wine production is governed by a strict quality-control system, which regulates the grapes used in each region and classifies wineries according to an elaborate cru hierarchy. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc are just a few of the important grape varietals with roots in French soil. View all our items from France